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Canva: The Key to Social Media Success


Since the dawn of time or at least since its launch in 2013, Canva has helped social media managers and businesses have accessible social media content. From crafting eye catching social media posts to creating business cards, Canva does it all. 

Simplifying Social Media Creation

Canva is extremely user friendly.  Design experience is not impertinent when it comes to creating in Canva.  Canva also provides a wide range of templates to choose from that are specifically designed for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn that help to save time and ensure that dimensions fit for each platform. 

Fit For You

Canva comes equipped with a brand tool. The brand tool allows you to insert your brand’s logo, colors, font, etc. This feature secures the voice and overall look of your brand stays uniform.

Creation is not bound to the laptop in the office. In a bind and need to fix a social media post before it goes out? Canva is accessible through IOS and Android.  Create from the comfort of your phone. 

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Team collaboration on projects is made simple through Canva.  Multiple people can contribute and comment on projects in real time as they are being created.  

Not only is Canva for the design gurus of the company, but other departments may also reap the benefits of Canva including… 

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • HR and Operations

Overall, Canva has made design accessible and empowered social media managers and businesses to create compelling content, boosting their online presence and reaching their target audience more effectively.