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The Key to Influencer Success


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Connecting with Generation Z 

The importance of influencers has been a known and useful tool of marketing since the internet was created. In today’s day and age, Macro and Micro Influencers have been known to run Social Media and the purchasing power of all generations, but one more than others. Born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, Gen Zers are digital natives who were raised in the age of smartphones and Social Media. Gen Zers are not passive consumers; they are active participants in the online ecosystem who value authenticity, diversity, and creativity in the content they consume. They care deeply about issues like climate change, social justice, and mental health. They expect brands and influencers to take a stand on these issues and use their platforms for positive change, no matter the size of their following. Being able to connect with Gen Z’s preferred values and content takes steps outside of your industry as a whole, which is where influencers come into play.

Macro vs Micro Influencers

Not only are influencers crucial, but deciding between a Macro or Micro Influencer for your company is key to reaching your target market. A Macro Influencer is someone that already has a strong following (100,000+ followers) that would most likely create a one time post to spark the idea and let the ripple effect of post sharing do the rest of the work. For the majority of these influencers, companies tend to choose them because the content they are already posting is related to the companies main selling points. A Micro Influencer is someone that has somewhat of a strong following (10,000-100,000 followers), but the main objective is being able to hit a section of viewers that haven’t been reached yet. These influencers tend to post content that is all over the place and viewers like to listen to their opinion because they feel as if they can relate to the average person’s review. Overall, it is your job as an organization to determine what products should be promoted through either a Micro or a Macro Influencer.

A Day in the Life of a Micro & Macro Influencer

I personally have had hands-on experience at the Micro Influencer level working with companies who utilize TikTok shop. At first, I was sent random items such as electronic picture frames, toothbrushes, clothing, etc. My objective was “How do I turn everyday items into content that Gen Z viewers would want to see?”. I am personally a Gen Zer, so at first I based it off of my own personal experiences and preferences. I quickly found out that it didn’t matter what I liked, it depended on the item at hand and how much the viewers cared about the item.  By involving Gen Zers in the content creation process and amplifying their voices, we can foster a sense of community and belonging that resonates deeply with this demographic.

I began discovering what products responded best whether I talked throughout the video, just had music, or both. From there, I just messed around with different styles of videos like “A Day In My Life” or a “Get Ready With Me”. After evaluation, I realized not only did the style and sound of the video mattered; I discovered that the timing and day of the week played a key role in viewers’ content interaction. Hair care and makeup products perform well on Tuesdays because viewers can see how perfect the product would be for an upcoming weekend event. This timing allows them enough time to purchase the product and have it shipped before they need to get ready.As a micro-influencer, I can connect with all kinds of people by offering products that fit their everyday needs, earning their trust and loyalty. That’s the power of making meaningful connections.

Not only do I love what I do, but I follow people who pursue the same passions as well. I follow a lot of Macro Influencers who promote makeup products because I like to be kept in the loop of what’s trending. I purposely follow one influencer who has my skin color and skin type to see how products react on her skin since I believe they would look very similar on me. She is known to make one singular video for a company and in turn the company goes viral overnight. Whether the video may be controversial or biased, it persuades users to click on the company’s page and check them out. This is one of the oldest quotes in the book, “no publicity is bad publicity”. Having the power to make   companies or products “go viral” or “trending” is the main objective of being a Macro Influencer.


Overall, in today’s digital landscape, connecting with Generation Z is essential for brands to grow or to even stay afloat. Leveraging influencers, whether Macro or Micro, is crucial for reaching this audience effectively. By involving Gen Zers in the content creation process, brands can cultivate a sense of community and belonging; ultimately earning their trust and loyalty in a crowded digital space.